Music is our passion,
your business is yours.

Whether it’s Jazz, Hip-hop, Folk, Rock or Blues, music has the power to uplift, overcome and connect with people in ways no other creative art can. It can lift a mood, make your customers feel more welcome and even motivate a tired team.

Music is valuable.

By purchasing TheMusicLicence for your business, you recognise this value and are supporting those who write, perform, compose, record or publish the music you love. You understand that whether you play music through TV, radio or other digital device, music benefits your business.

Music Makeover Into Image 2

Background Music

But could you make its impact even greater?

Maybe a new set of speakers could help to turn your shop floor into a fashion show, or a karaoke machine could turn a cocktail into a conga!

Is your music in need of a makeover?

As a Leicestershire business, you can apply to enter our
Music Makeover competition to be in with the chance to receive up to £5000 worth of new sound and music equipment, along with a consultation from leading audio industry expert and world-renowned record producer
Steve Levine, who will advise on getting the right equipment and the proper installation.

Thank you

Music Makeover is now closed. Thank you for your submissions.